Traverse!, by David Schulz, Photo-bookwork,
ISBN# 978-0-9828666-0-3, 64 pages, 4-color, hard
cover, 8 x 10", edition of 50, produced at the
Visual Studies Workshop, Rochester, New York,
2010. To purchase, please email davidschulzworks at
gmail dot com. $60.

Traverse! reveals the story of a man seeking and failing to orient himself in a photographic image of his parents. His sense of temporal continuity is fractured in his realization that the process of remembering is not an activity that takes place in the past, but is a review in the present of images that point towards a different time. Establishing a parallel narrative of image and text, this photo-bookwork considers the activity of seeing and remembering within the context of navigation. Traversing the repetitions, rhythms, and variations of these images, viewers may find themselves encountering uncanny echoes of physical reality. The man's apprehension of things in the world—trucks, doorways, and fences—cut across a ground that consists of equal parts actuality and artifice. He is left with the sense that images lead only to more images. 

Below: Double page spreads from Traverse!