Travelogue, 2000, Wall Installation, Photo-Bookwork.

In Travelogue, who you are is where you go. It is culled from my interest in the reciprocity of fact and fiction which allows for the production of a narrative. Here, I make photographs that form delineations of passage—charting a transit from exterior form to interior consciousness, a psychological topography whose literal content is a surface functioning as a portal to something else—an outdoor pool, railroad tracks, a doorframe, a grotto, a foot on a chair. These are things seen anywhere by anyone. Forming a reticulation of proximity and periphery between the variations of what we choose to see, the work aspires to the glue of fiction that holds together reality. The work has been exhibited as c-prints and linotype mounted on plexi-glass and self-published as an artists' book. Images pictured here are taken directly from the book.