Roundel, by David Schulz and Squire Broel,
LightRailWorks Press, 22 pages, Digital pigment print,
Full color, Paper folio containing hand-folded book,
5.75 x 7.75", edition of 11, plus 3 artists' proofs, August,
2010. Edition is sold out.

Roundel is a motif work that takes the roundel as its point of departure: "1. Something round or circular. 2. A small, round pane or window. 3. A decorative plate, panel, tablet, or the like, round in form. 4. Also, rondel. Theater. A round piece of colored gelatin or glass placed over stage lights as a color medium to obtain lighting effects. 5. Armor: a. A metal disk that protects the armpit. b. A metal disk on a hafted weapon or a dagger to protect the hand. 6. Heraldry. A small circular charge." ( Combining the hand-blown glass sculptural works of Squire Broel with the photographic image and design strategies of David Schulz, the pages and fold-outs of this bookwork explore the territory where object and environment meet.