I’ve been awarded an O’Donnell fellowship as a Visiting Artist and will be leading a workshop at Whitman College as a result. Here is the course description:

“Inscribing the Archive: This workshop will explore cultural memory and user agency within the context of publishing technologies as students mine the Penrose Archives for objects/operations to devise creative new work within an individual’s field of study. Search, context, classification, and appropriation will be the basis of inquiry as student/bricoleurs strive to develop their own ways of inscribing the archive as they collate, translate, and synthesize materials. Additionally, students will explore the digitization of library objects and how the meaning of those objects change as their reception drifts from their original provenance. Ultimately, students will develop a collection and re-present it digitally and/or physically as a book(let) or app. Students will develop questions that relate the material archive to their given disciplines, eg. a theater major might consider which aspects of an archive engage a user in a performative way.”

Dates: October 18, 19, 25, 26 (2014)